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What should a BTS army buy?

Here is a list of gifts that any ARMY member would send you.

Can fans give gifts to BTS?

We would like to thank the army for their support of us. We want to know what you think. Fans will no longer be accepted for gifts after March 30.

Why do girls love BTS?

She thinks that the social service and charity they do makes them better. Sometimes they are cute and sometimes hot. The 19 year old from Meerut says that the dancing and rapping is beyond words. She says it’s hard to put them into words.

How do I get my parents to like BTS?

Show them the lyrics to the songs and how they are meant to encourage people to follow their dreams. There is a number 6. When you play a fewBTS songs everyday, they will hum the tune to one of their songs. They’ll be hypnotized and fall in love with you if you tell them they like the band.

How do I contact BTS personally?

If you want to send a message, you need to send it with the type of text that you want.

Does BTS love Army?

There is a special relationship between the South Korean boy band and their fans, called ARMY, and it can be seen in the way they support each other and have each other’s back. V, also known as Kim Taehyung, gave an important piece of advice to a fan and it is winning people’s hearts online.

Does BTS have WhatsApp?

The details should be read by you. The youngest member of the group, Jungkook, was surprised by the revelation that he uses the messaging service.

Does BTS reply on Instagram?

Fans on Weverse have been receiving regular replies from members of the group. They have individual accounts on the photo sharing site.

Can we message BTS on Instagram?

The answer isn’t yes! The boys have left us in splits with their hilarious antics since they joined us. From their friendly banter to their suggestions for each other, there is nothing but a personal group chat going on.

Why did BTS stop taking gifts?

While they were eternally grateful for all the gifts they received over the years, they feel that all this generosity could be better utilized towards those who really need it rather than on themselves, and that all they really want from fans is their happiness and love.

Can BTS take fans pictures?

Some people think the group isn’t allowed to take pictures with fans on a regular basis. The fan that ran into the boy band in public was the only one affected. Some lucky fans have taken pictures with the boys at events.

Can a girl be a member of BTS?

Girls can join other South Korean bands, since BigHits does not accept females, but adding a new member now would be irrational, since the band is seven years old. Black Pink is one of the many lady bands that exist.

Do BTS like Indian?

V, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, RM, and J-Hope are all members of the ‘BTS’ group. South Korean band ‘BTS’ has a large fan base in India. Their performances grabbed the attention of everyone.

Is BTS famous in India?

India is home to the most popular Kpop group. Continue reading if you want to learn more about India’s Kpop Groups.

Which member in BTS is popular in India?

Big Data Hallyu Market Research says that Jeon Jungkook is the most popular Korean entertainer in India. Jeon Jungkook is one of the most popular K-pop idols in India.

Is BTS good for 12 year olds?

It’s pretty safe to say that this boy band is appropriate for most children because of its best-selling songs and anti-violence campaign.

Is there any chance of BTS coming to India?

The Indian fans of the group are overjoyed as they have been told that they will be coming to the country. According to media reports, they are going to visit India in August of 2022. The band is known for its K Pop Songs, hip-hop genre, R&B, Pop, and electronic dance music.

Is Kpop good for children?

It’s appropriate. Even if you don’t understand the meaning of the song, K-pop is still a part of life, even if you don’t know what it means. There are several groups in K-pop.

Does BTS have private Instagram?

The members of the group officially opened their personal accounts at 3PM IST on December 6th. The seven members of the group took to the social media platform with their own accounts, which was a first for the group.

What is BTS’s number?

The band is made up of seven members, and the number seven is significant for that reason.

Is Taehyung married to Jennie?

It remains to be seen if reports that she is in a relationship with G-Dragon are true or not. V is thought to be alone.

The symbol is made up of two parts, one showing the doors open on the inside and one showing them closed on the outside. The complete symbol can be formed by placing theARMY half on top of theBTS half.

What is the meaning of Lachimolala in BTS?

One definition in the Urban Dictionary was “Lachimolala”. He may have meant to say carbonara, but he is so cute.

How many ARMYs are there in India?

It has the largest volunteer army in the world and is the second largest military force.

What is BTS favorite country?

There is a country in Japan. The 7 boys from South Korea love Japan and have sung in the Japanese language for the Japanese military. The Japanese album ofBTS songs has already sold one million copies.

How many BTS fans are in India?

There is no one way to calculate how many fans the band has in India, but based on the recent video that had almost 10 million viewers within a few days, almost half of the views were from India, which is why there is no one way to calculate how many fans the band has

Can I send an email to BTS?

You can’t send a message to them. They don’t have a place to send fanmail. You can only mail BigHit if you want to bring their attention to reports of defamation, sasaengs, harmful use of the image by the media, and threats to the members so that they can deal with it.

Does BTS use TikTok?

Since the beginning of the year, they have been on TikTok. They were able to interact with their fans on the social media platform. The group announced on their social media that their TikTok account was open.

What apps BTS use?

They use websites and apps like Weverse and V Live to post pictures and videos to their fans.

Where is V right now?

V has returned to South Korea. After his Hawaii vacation, the singer thanked fans for respecting his privacy and wrote, “Thank you all for pretending not to know and being respectful so that I can travel more comfortably in Hawaii and the airport love you.”

Where is BTS now?

The band members are in South Korea and taking a break.

What is BTS members real Instagram account?

The following are the usernames of the Bangtan Boys. Jungkook left out the letters “J” and “K” from his name’s initials in order to surprise fans with his new name.

Can you send stuff to BTS?

There is a fanmail from the US to the group. As of March 30, BigHit Music and BTS will not be receiving any more gifts.

What does Jin dad do?

Jin’s father is said to be the CEO of a company and the owner of a restaurant. Jin might have worked there before he joined the K-pop group. He told Jimmy that if he wasn’t in the group, he’d be an actor.

Can I take selfie with BTS?

No, you are not able to. I think the last time they did was when Jungkook went to Hongdae in South Korea and met a few fans and took pictures with them. He said the company does not allow them to take photos outside the official schedule.

Why do BTS avoid pictures with fans?

The location of bts when they go for Bon Voyage is kept private. Even if a fan sees them, they don’t allow them to click pictures because armies would come to know their location and invade their privacy.

Who is the girl in BTS?

The blonde girl who appeared in the music video for “On” is Rina Johnson, who plays the lost sister of V. Rina Johnson is not known to the public.

Are any of BTS married?

This K-pop group has never had a member in a public relationship.

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