Can Wrapped Gifts Go In Checked Luggage?

If an officer needs to inspect wrapped presents, the TSA recommends keeping them unwrapped.

Can you wrap gifts in checked luggage?

Even though wrapped presents aren’t prohibited, it’s highly recommended that you keep your presents unwrapped in the event that the TSA needs to inspect them. Christmas lights can be brought to the plane.

Will Customs unwrap presents?

If you give a present that raises a red flag, you’ll need to unwrap it. You probably won’t like the re-wrapping job the TSA will do if they unwrap your gifts in your luggage. You should wait until you get to your destination to wrap gifts.

Do customs open gifts?

Customs clearance is still needed for the item to be considered a gift. You will have to pay customs charges if you want to receive your item.

Can you wrap International gifts?

It will be handled by quite a few pairs of hands if your gift is not wrapped in adurable packaging. Our partners will look after your package as best they can, but there’s only so much they can do, and fragile materials such as wrapping paper can get ripped off.

Can I mail wrapped gifts?

Your gift could be lost or delayed if you wrap it in paper. Some FedEx boxes and the U.S. Postal Service can be used for free. Wrap individual items with double padding if necessary, and leave enough space between them.

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Can you bring gift bags on a plane?

If they want to inspect your gift, they’ll need to tear it off. It’s possible with carry-on gifts and checked bags. It is possible to use gift bags with tissue paper or decorative pouch.

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