How Do I Send A Birthday Gift Card On Facebook?

Birthday reminders are a good place to send gifts. Attach a card if you want to send a gift. You can either post the gift on your friend’s timeline or send it private. A preview of the gift will show up on your friend’s doorstep after you unwrap it.

How do you send someone a gift card on Facebook?

If you want to send a gift card on Facebook, you have to go to your friend’s page. Next, click on the gear icon in the lower-right corner of the cover photo, and you will be taken to the Give Gift link. You can add a category to the Gifts page on Facebook. Click the Choose This Gift button if you want to give a gift.

How do I buy a birthday gift card on Facebook?

There is a tap shop in this picture. Pick a gift card, select a value, and then add delivery information. If you want to know if your gift card is a gift, you can tap This is a gift. Pick a friend, enter a message, and then tap Buy.

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