How Does Firozabad Presents A Strange Paradox?

There is a strange contradiction in Firozabad. The glass bangles of Firozabad are beautiful, but the people who make them are very sad. The banglemakers are not happy.


What is the paradox in the life of bangle maker?

The bangle makers are not very happy. Bangle making is the only work they know how to do. They don’t have the courage or money to start a new business.

What was the colour of spirals of bangles in Firozabad?

There are mounds of bangles in yards and on push carts. There are seven colors of the rainbow, and these bangles have all of them in bright colors.

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What contrast do you notice between the colours of the bangles and the atmosphere of the place where the bangles are made?

Bangles are a symbol of beauty and happiness. The workers are treated better at the place where they are made. The place doesn’t have any ties with color, beauty or happiness. The place where bangles are made is different from the place where they are made.

What is Firozabad famous for and why?

Firozabad, also known as the glass city of India and the city of bangles, is close to Agra. It was built by the king of Tughlaq, Feroz Shah Tughlaq.

How does the story Lost Spring highlight the apathy of society and those in power to end the vicious cycle of poverty Support your answer with textual evidence?

There are thousands of poor people whose lives are ruined by poverty and thoughtless traditions in Lost Spring. They work hard and accept poverty and exploitation as their fate.

Why don t the people of Firozabad organize themselves into a cooperative?

The bangle-makers of Firozabad were not able to form a cooperative due to the vicious network on middleman and money-lenders. They are also at risk of being imprisoned if they attempt to organize.

What does bangles symbolize what is the role of bangle makers of Firozabad?

What does Firozabad have to do with bangle makers? There is ans. The bangles are a representation of an Indian woman. The largest quantity of bangles in the country is produced by the Firozabad bangle makers.

What are the two different worlds in Firozabad?

There are two different worlds in Firozabad. The bangle-makers have a fist. They are trapped in poverty because of a stigma of caste. The ‘Sahukars’ are a vicious group of people, including the police, politicians and the keepers of the law.

Why do bangle makers lack initiative and an ability to dream?

Bangle makers don’t have an ability to dream because of their hard work. The bangle makers put in a lot of work. They don’t have time to fantasize. Their income isn’t enough to support new ideas or fulfill their dreams after they’ve worked so hard.

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What are the hazards of working in the glass bangles industry?

Glass is a health hazard. Adults go blind as a result of the dust from polishing the glass of bangles. The health of the workers is at risk due to the surroundings, prevailing conditions and the type of job involved.

Which two distinct worlds does the author notice in the bangle making industry?

One of the worlds that the author noticed was a family that was caught in a web of poverty due to the stigma of their caste. The vicious circle of sahukhars, middleman, policemen, keepers of the law, bureaucrats and politicians were the other.

What is Firozabad famous for ANS?

Firozabad is located in the state of UP in India. The center of India’s glassmaking industry is known for the quality of its bangles and glassware.

How is Mukesh’s attitude to his situation different from that of his family?

His sense of determination was different from his family’s. He was wanted by his ancestors to work in the bangle industries. He was different from them in that he wanted to be a good mechanic.

How are the bangle makers of Firozabad victims of exploitation?

The bangle makers are exploited by a number of people. They are not paid appropriate wages for the work they do. Children are compelled to join the same trade at a young age.

Why are the bangle makers of Firozabad so pessimistic about their future?

They can’t organize themselves into a cooperative because they don’t have a strong leader. They don’t have the ability to dream because they are poor throughout their lives.

What social evils are depicted in the Lost Spring?

The stories of stolen childhood depict societal evil. Anees Jung is concerned about the exploitation of children in hazardous jobs such as bangle making and rag picking. Childhood innocence and education are lost when poverty and thoughtless traditions are present.

Why cry rings in every home of Firozabad?

The business of making bangles, not even enough to eat, and rings in every home is what the cry of not having money to do is all about.

Why do the bangle makers not Organise?

The bangle-makers live paycheck to paycheck. All their dreams, hopes and initiatives have been killed by the years of’mind-numbing toil’. They have found themselves in a vicious circle of people. They don’t allow them to be in a cooperative.

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What haunts the bangle makers in Firozabad?

The bangle-makers of Ferozabad live and die in squalor. It wasElaborate. Garbage covered lanes lead to the houses of the bangle sellers. Their homes are in a state of disrepair with crumbling walls, wobbly doors and no windows.

Why were bangles meaningless to Savita?

A young girl with her hands in a machine. She’s aware of the importance of married women. An Indian woman’s bangle is symbolic of her Suhag. She will find out when she becomes a bride.

What vicious circle are the bangle makers trapped in?

The bangle makers were trapped in a vicious circle of people and were unable to form a cooperative.

What are the two things according to Annes Jung that suppress the community in Firozabad?

Anees Jung referred to the two worlds as being represented by the parents and himself. The bangle makers of Firozabad have resigned themselves to their fate and have suppressed all their hopes, desires and dreams, whereas Mukesh has the courage to dream big in spite of all the difficulties.

Why is his dream like a mirage?

He wants to be his own master. He wants to become a motor mechanic. He wants to get behind the wheel. The conditions he lives in make his dream look like a mirage.

Why does Firozabad have two distinct worlds?

What are the differences between Firozabad’s two worlds? A family caught in the web of poverty and casteism is one of the two worlds the author sees in Firozabad.

Why do the bangle makers of Firozabad believe that they Cannot escape their fate?

The bangle makers of Ferozabad were unable to form a cooperative because they were trapped in a vicious circle of people. The baggage they imposed on these people was too much.

What forces conspire to keep the workers in the bangle industry of Firozabad in poverty?

The bangle industry of Firozabad has workers who are poor. The moneylenders, the middleman, the policemen, the keepers of law, the bureaucrats, and the politicians are all included in this list. The child is saddled with a heavy burden.

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