How To Gift Universal Tickets?

Can I give my Universal Orlando ticket to someone else?

The person who uses the ticket for the first time has to use it for the whole thing.

How do I use a universal gift card to buy tickets?

The gift card can be used to purchase park tickets at the park. If you have a valid gift card, you can visit any Guest Services location or ticket window on the property to purchase tickets.

What is a universal gift card?

You can give a gift card for adventure. It’s a great way to shop and eat at Universal. Pick from a lot of fun designs to make them happy. You can find denominations from $10 to $500.

Do Disney gift cards work at Universal?

Is it possible to use my Disney World tickets, gift cards, Dining Plan, or Magic Band at Universal? Many people think that both resorts share admission. Walt Disney World tickets, gift cards, and payment methods can’t be used there.

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Can I change the name on a ticket for Universal?

Yes, you are able. You can change the name of the ticket at guest services. The guest services can be found to the right of the entrance gates.

Can you transfer Universal Studios ticket to another person?

They take a photo of the person at the park for the first time. They will not allow you to shift the ticket to someone else.

Is it cheaper to buy tickets at the gate at Universal?

You can save a lot of time and money by buying tickets online. Same day purchase of 1-Day General Admission isn’t valid for online savings.

Can I use gift card to buy tickets?

If you have a visa gift card, you can use it to buy a plane ticket like you would a visa debit card.

Can I use a Visa gift card to buy Universal Studios tickets?

We recommend purchasing a Visa Gift Card if you want a single gift card solution for your vacation in Florida. The gift cards can be used outside of the theme parks for everyday purchases.

Is universal cash only?

Universal Studios accepts cash for admissions and food and drinks. Payments need to be made in US Dollars. Credit cards and payments can be made using the Universal mobile app.

Can I give my match ticket to someone else?

It will be possible to do this from your account on a match-by- match basis, eliminating the need to meet them in person. Click ‘Tickets’, select the game you want to transfer, and then click ‘Transfer Ticket’. The instructions can be found on the screen.

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Can someone else use my HHN ticket?

You can’t give your ticket to someone else after it’s been scanned at the event. The Frequent Fear Pass can only be used by one person for the entire event.

Can someone else use my universal fast pass?

Everyone in your party needs to have a Universal Express Pass. It isn’t transferrable and isn’t a group pass.

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