What Does Present Occupation Mean?

A person’s regular work or profession; job or main activity.

What should I write in present occupation?

Your opening paragraph should give you a clue as to who you are. Explain why you’re applying for the job, as well as your excitement for the position and how it meshes with your career goals. You should include the job title, company name, and what draws you to the company in your resume. An example can be found here.

What is an example of occupation?

It’s your job to maintain a military presence in another country or one of your other jobs. An example of an occupation is a doctor. The United States keeps military troops in Iraq to maintain order.

What is the correct answer for occupation?

If you work in a field or type of work, it’s an occupation. People will usually ask what their occupation is. You could say “I’m an accountant” or “I’m a surgeon.”

What is my occupation if I am unemployed?

The IRS has no problem with the “Occupation” field. The occupation that earned the most money on your return can be found here. If you are out of work for the entire year, use ‘unemployed’. I want this to help.

What is your occupation Why did you take it?

I decided to pursue a career in the field after further development of my skills. I need a job that will allow me to apply the programming skills I already have and develop new ones as well. I chose this career because I enjoy working with computers and want to improve my skills. There are two things.

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What is my occupation if I am a student?

It depends on where you are in the world. If you’re a student and you don’t have a job, you should write down what you want to do. The U.S. Department of Labor doesn’t consider it an occupation.

What is my occupation if I work in retail?

Retail salespersons are more focused on helping customers find and choose items to buy than cashiers. Most retail sales workers get on-the- job training. It is possible that high school education is required for positions that sell more complex items.

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