What Gifts Does Akechi Like?

The High Performance Electric Toothbrush and the Robot Vacuum Cleaner can be purchased at the Electronics Superstore in Akihabara for more than Akechi.

What does Makoto like as a gift?

A gift of perfume is one of the most popular gifts for girls. Makoto Niijima is the same as all of the others. It’s a good gift for this Priestess to have a designer perfume. It gives a +3 boost to a players relationship with her and even gives her a unique reaction, where she tells the other player how much she loves it.

What gifts does tae Takemi like?

There is a compiled list of the ten best gifts you can send.

Who is the best girlfriend in Persona 5 Royal?

She knows how to win Shogi and my heart. Let’s be honest, the focus of the show is on dating. Building relationships is one of the best parts of complex palaces, tests, and side activities.

Is Ryuji Ann canon?

There is a camera. Ryuji and Ann had known each other for a long time. Ryuji asked Ann for money to take the bus back home after spending all of his money on a stuffed dolphin toy for his mom, and she never forgot his debt for her.

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Is Makoto good to romance?

Her fans consider her to be a queen. She is considered a canon romance of the game by fans who like her. She is easy to fall in love with and plot-relevant. It’s her sister who’s interrogating the villain in the game.

What happens if you romance Makoto?

Those who chose the romantic path with Makoto will have to spend more time with him in order to finalize their relationship with the Phantom Thieves. After rank 10 is completed, Makoto’s persona will awaken to a new power, which will increase her capabilities in battle.

Who is the Canon romance in p5?

The player is supposed to have the final say on canon romance. It seems like the game pushes Ann in a different way than the other characters.

What happens if you tell Takemi you love her?

To get her closer to accepting the relationship, follow this statement with “I love you”. When she asks if it’s a joke, say “It isn’t a joke” to make her believe you want to be with her. You will be in a relationship with Takemi after this point.

Who is hifumi Yamada’s crush?

Post-Mondo’s execution, Hifumi develops a romantic relationship with Alter Ego. He thinks Alter Ego is the first girl, other than his mother.

Can you romance SAE in p5r?

It is easy to fall in love in the book. Sae Niijima is the only female who can be romanced by the main character. On the day that you reach your Confidant level of nine, you will be able to decide whether or not to date them.

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Is Morgana in love with Ann?

Morgana is in love with Ann Takamaki and she is a player in the game. He dreams of winning her heart when he sees her, because he is so enamored with her beauty. This is the same thing that happened in Strikers.

Can you have multiple girlfriends in Persona 5 Royal?

It is possible to have more than one girlfriend in the game. It is possible to date every single romance option, but it is not recommended. Don’t commit to a relationship if you’re forced to marry multiple girls later on in the story.

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