What Gifts Does Dain Give?

What are Dain’s gifts? chests of gold and silver were given to him.

What did Dain give Bard Why?

There are seven. Bard wanted to know what Dain gave him. What is it about that? He gave Bard 14 of the treasure, which was promised to him by Thorin.

What does Dain bury with Thorin?

After the Battle of Five Armies, Dain will become the new King under the Mountain. Dain made peace with the elves and Bard by giving the share of the treasure that was promised to them. Dain buries the Arkenstone with someone else.

Where does the Arkenstone end up Question 4 options it’s given to Bilbo it’s awarded to Dain it’s buried with Thorin?

The Arkenstone was placed on the chest of the man who had been buried under the mountain.

Who ended up with the Arkenstone?

Bilbo was ordered to find the Arkenstone by Thorin. He gives it to Thranduil and Bard in order to negotiate with the Dwarves in order to avoid a war.

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Is Bard a dunedain?

Bard’s ancestors were related to the Beornings and the Northmen. The progenitor of the Gondorian kings, the chiefs of Dnedain, were related to King Vidugavia of Rhovanion.

Who becomes king after Dain?

Dain became King under the Mountain after the death ofThorin. He redeems the Arkenstone from Bard and uses it to reestablish Dale. The city of Dale will be rebuilt by Bard over the next three years. The city is getting back to being prosperous.

Why was Thorin’s funeral cut?

The funeral scene was removed for pacing reasons and because it was redundant according to the commentary from the Director.

Is Arkenstone a Silmaril?

The Arkenstone isn’t a Silmaril. There are a lot of reasons why this theory isn’t correct. The Silmarils would not be found until the end of Arda. They are being found by the Dwarves.

What are the white gems Thranduil wants?

After the death of his wife, Thranduil sought out white gems from Lasgalen. There was a necklace with one of the gems. The Elves and the Dwarves had a disagreement over who would get them. After Smaug was killed by Bard, Thranduil wanted the jewels back.

Is the Arkenstone evil?

The stone would not have scorched Bilbo, Thorin, and Bard as they were not evil in their thought or actions. The Silmarils were not burned for being mortals, but for being bad.

Is AZOG an Uruk Hai?

Azog is a very large and powerful Orc that is far more bulky than the most advanced Uruk-hai. His skin is bone-white, compared to other Orcs who have skin colors that range from sickly green to a dark brown or lighter peach.

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Did the Arkenstone have powers?

Whether or not the Arkenstone is one of the Silmarils is a topic that is discussed for a long time. The Arkenstone is very special due to its ‘powers’.

How is Dáin related to Thorin?

Din responded to a call for help from Thorin II Oakenshield, who was on a quest to regain the Lonely Mountain.

Why is Dáin called ironfoot?

Din was the best warrior of the battle and earned the nickname ‘Ironfoot’ after kicking the head of an Orc and sending it flying across the battlefield.

What happened to Erebor after Thorin died?

Din II Ironfoot of the Iron Hills became king of Durin’s folk after his cousin’s death and most of them moved.

What happens to King Dáin?

Despite his great age, Dain was still fighting as a mighty ax-wielder despite the fact that he had died. The Gate of Erebor is where he died standing over King Brand’s body.

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