What Gifts Does Levi Like Aot 2?

There is a man named Levi. The Ultimate Dust Rag is my favorite. There is a silver ring and perfect replica blades in this picture. Black Tea, Cheap Alcohol, Anti-Titan Manual 1 and 2, Dust Rag, Training Dummy and Training Equipment, Leather Gloves and Special Newspaper are all things that I like.

Can you romance in Attack on Titan 2?

There is no romance in this game, you are just nodding and shaking your heads. It’s a way to get their skills by befriending them.

Does Annie have a crush on Jean?

Annie states that she and her friend have feelings for each other. Annie wants Jean to go out with her friend because she knows that Jean feeds Titan his omelette. Jean can’t face the fact that he is the first admirer of a titan.

Who has a crush on Sasha AOT?

The relationship with the other person. Niccolo initially disliked Sasha because of her Eldian heritage, but after she praised him for his cooking skills, he began to like her more. After their meeting, the two became more and more close to each other.

What is the max level in AOT 2?

You can get a max rank of 10. You can get a skill attached to a character if you go up in rank. The characters have different skills.

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Is there any romance in AOT?

There aren’t a lot of canon romantic relationships in Attack on Titan. Most of the decision-making fans see from the characters is related to the friendship formed.

Are there any romantic scenes in AOT?

Attack on Titan is not known for its romantic storylines. Even if those relationships are not at the center of the show, there are a few characters who do develop feelings for one another.

Does Levi Ackerman have a love interest?

Petra’s father decided to marry her to Levi because he knew her feelings for him.

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