What Gifts Should You Take To Cuba?

What items are hard to get in Cuba?

Cubans, who are some of the lowest income people in the Western Hemisphere, will appreciate receiving daily items that can be hard to come by or too expensive to purchase, such as toothpaste, tampons, soap, and even articles of clothing.

What should I send to Cuba?

Food, vitamins, medicine, medical supplies, equipment, and equipment for the handicapped are eligible for gift parcels for Cuba.

What do you bring to a maid in Cuba?

There are flip-flops, towels, sun screen, soap, perfume, good clothes, and some accessories. If you leave these in your hotel or Casa Particular, the owners will be able to find them after you leave.

What can you not send to Cuba?

Pornography, narcotics drugs, live animals and firearms can’t be imported into Cuba because of its customs laws, but they can be authorized by the organization in charge of this tourist area.

Can you flush toilet paper in Cuba?

You won’t be able to flush toilet paper or use taps to wash your hands. Carrying your own toilet paper and hand sanitiser is a good idea. You can give small gifts to the staff in the hotels and establishments you visit.

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How much cash should I bring to Cuba?

It is recommended that you bring 200 EUROS for local tips and 800USD for a person. If you plan on buying original art, you may need more. If you want to limit the amount of Cuban currency you will receive, bring cash in smaller denominations.

Can I use US dollars in Cuba?

The Central Bank of Cuba will accept cash for travel to Cuba, but only US dollars, which are only accepted through transfers.

Can you bring chocolate to Cuba?

It is possible to bring those things with you. I take a lot of food in my luggage. Liquids that are not allowed in your carry on at the airport can be bought at the security checkpoint.

How many cell phones can you take to Cuba?

Two of the same electronic items can be imported. If they find out you are trying to import the phone for personal use, you will have to pay duty.

Can I use my mobile phone in Cuba?

If you have an international roaming agreement with Cuba’s state-owned telecommunications provider, you can use your mobile phone in Cuba. T-Mobile and AT&T are the only companies that have roaming agreements with ETECSA.

Can I take snacks to Cuba?

You can take things that have been transformed or processed, but they are not fresh. You can’t take fruit unless it is canned or dried.

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