What Happens If Someone Gifts You Nitro?

How to buy a gift for a friend. You can give someone a monthly or yearly subscription to the video game. The subscription won’t be automatically renewed because it is a one-time gift. You will keep the gift in your gift inventory when you purchase it.

How do I claim my Nitro gift?

It is simple and easy! Once the payment is made, you will be presented with a link that will allow another user to claim the gift of Nitro. You can give this link to someone who will be able to claim the gift.

Can u refund Nitro gifts?

What is the policy for refunds at Discord? You have five days from the day of purchase to submit your request for a refunds. Any longer than this will result in no refunds at all. This applies to gift purchases of other people as well.

Does Nitro gift expire?

I bought a gift for someone, but it won’t let them accept it when it’s over, so I’m wondering if I wasted my money or if it’s worth it. You can make a new link for it in your gift inventory. There is a gift that does not go away.

How do you know if you have discord Nitro?

Most of the time, nitro users use animated profile pictures, boost a server or have a discriminator. This discriminators are very rare, but can be had by users without nitro. All of that can be checked by the bot.

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Can you gift Nitro to yourself?

Turns out you’re not able to. I thought I would be able to claim the 1 year subscription I bought as a gift. What made me do this? I didn’t want to go through the hassle of buying the 1 year subscription with Apple Store credit because I already had a 1 month subscription linked to my card.

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