What Is The 9th Anniversary Gift In Clash Of Clans?

The 9th anniversary will be celebrated with a cake. The players will get 99999 golds back if they remove it.

What is in 9th anniversary cake CoC?

It’s a cake with gold frosting and a gem with chips that looks like an 8. You can get 99,999 Gold in return for removing the 9th birthday cake that costs 9,999 Gold. There is a sword in the middle of a two tier cake.

What is the 9th anniversary symbol?

Nine years of marriage are represented by pottery and willow in the United States. The willow is an example of a couple’s ability to work together. Pottery shows how a relationship can be shaped into something beautiful over time.

Is Clash of Clans 10th birthday?

Supercell is celebrating its 10th birthday with the launch of a piece of social content from the team that created the world-famous game. There is a unique 10th birthday in-game decoration that can be claimed by players.

What is COC scenery?

The village’s outskirts are covered in scenery. It’s just a decorative thing. The “Change Scenery” button can be tapped on your Town Hall to switch between scenes. You can get the Classic Scenery if you so choose. Town Hall 14 is where the second scenery can be found.

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How long does Clashiversary last?

It will only cost you 1 Gem to boost your production buildings during the event. It’s a good way to catch up if you’re going to play a lot during the event.

How do you get Clashy constructs scenery?

Clicking on the ‘Change Scenery’ option will take you to the Town Hall. Three sceneries have been added to the game so far. The Clashy Constructs, Pirate Scenery, and the Winter Scenery are included in this. You have to choose any of the sceneries.

Is COC a Chinese game?

Supercell is a game developer that created the mobile strategy video game. The company that owns the game is a Chinese one, therefore it can be said that the game is owned by a Chinese company.

Will Clash of Clans ever end?

The game will not be shutting down in 2022, as was rumored. It’s still a huge hit in the gaming space despite being less popular. It generated almost half a billion dollars in 2020.

Did Supercell sell COC?

A group of people from Luxembourg and China acquired an interest in Supercell in June of 2016 for $10.2 billion.

What is 9 years marriage called?

Pottery and willow are the traditional 9th anniversary gifts in the US. The ninth wedding anniversary gift is leather.

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