What Is The Value Of Gifts 2015 Mm2?

Are there any working MM2 codes?

Murder Mystery 2 has no active codes at the moment, which has been the case for a long time. This will be checked every week after being verified. As soon as new MM2 codes are available in the game, we will update you here.

What Does gift 2015 do in MM2?

The first Christmas event currency in Murder Mystery 2 was Gifts 2015, which was collected during the Christmas event 2015. These are only available through trading now that the event is over.

What are gifts on MM2?

It was possible to get a common gun called Gifts from the Christmas Box at the Christmas event. The event has ended so it’s only possible through trading.

How do I get Godly MM2?

From buying merchandise on shopmm2.com, you can get Godly Weapons. There are two tiers of weapons, one tier above the Ancient Weapons and the other tier above the Legendary Weapons. There are 75 different weapons in the game, 55 of which are knives and 20 of which are guns.

What does the box of Ultra wrapping paper do in mm2?

It used to be used to wrap toys, but now it doesn’t serve any purpose.

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Is Ancient better than godly mm2?

There are two tiers of weapons, one tier above the Ancient weapons and the other tier above the Legendary weapons. There are 73 different types of weapons in the game, 54 of which are knives and 19 of which are guns.

How do you get shark seeker?

The official Roblox x Nerf blaster has a code that can be used to redeem this exclusive item. The back accessory for MM2 is called Shark Seeker. The MM2 Shark Seeker NERF Gun toy has a redeem code that you can use to get it. It was favorited 8,113 times by October 11, 2011.

How do you get the corrupt knife in MM2?

The only way to get the rare knife in MM2 is through the original Murder Mystery, there is a glitch that deleted inventory items, the people who had this were given the Corrupt knife.

How do you get Nik’s scythe?

The ancient knife given to players who helped report bugs is called the Scythe, and it’s been around for a long time. You can’t get it if you’re one of Nikilis’s friends and you enter a code in the game.

What is the best weapon in MM2?

If you want to get the highest valued item, you should look for Nik’s Scythe, which can go up to 150,000 Seers.

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